First Viking APTA Clinic and Exhibition of the season lights up Newark

2013-Viking-logo-blue-150George Wilkinson
October 13, 2013
Newark, DE

Deerfield Golf Club in Newark, Delaware, was the first destination for the Viking APTA Clinic and Exhibition group. The finely selected PPTA-certified pros consisted of Mark Fischl, Vlatko Najdek, Ernie Keer, and George Wilkinson.

The day was divided into a morning session when demonstrations and clinics were held and an afternoon session when more structured clinics were held. The players were split on two courts and assigned two pros per court to help learn the game. Wilkinson and Keer started the morning focusing on the backhand volley and drive and Fischl and Najdek worked with players on the lob and overhead.

Keer and Wilkinson were stressing the importance of CNB—calm, normal behavior—with the volley, instead of moving around and stabbing at the ball in a tennis manner. Fischl and Najdek were diligent on correcting necessary technical errors with the lobs and overheads. Overhearing the giggles coming from Fischl's court indicated that everyone was having a tremendous time learning the game.

Following the morning clinics was an exhibition by the four pros where the members were encouraged to ask questions in between points to clarify shot choices. The most frequent question was “Why is Mark always complaining to George about driving the ball?” Keer and Najdek silently dismissed Fischl and Wilkinson, 6-4.

Lunch followed the exhibition inside the club house. This was the members’ chance to discuss exposure and growth of the sports with the pros and ask any unanswered questions. The afternoon clinics focused on aspects of net positioning, strategy of the overheads, and the mindset when playing points in the back court. Left-handed Najdek was a great asset to the clinic, clearing up any uncertain territory at the net for the lefties. He also gave insight on how to cause problems for the baseline team in regards to the position of the sun.

Many thanks to Patrick Talwin’s family for housing the pros. Thanks to Deerfield Golf Club for providing the courts and lunch. Thanks to Peter Liebermann for organizing the event and finally thanks to Lisa Murray for assisting the pros.

Also, thanks to Viking for sponsoring the event. And of course, thanks to the APTA for the initiative that continues to increase the popularity of platform tennis.

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