Maine welcomes the Viking APTA Clinic and Exhibitions group

2013-Viking-logo-blue-150October 17, 2013
York, ME

One year after membership poured blood, sweat and equity into the facilities, with help from an APTA grant, the York Paddle Tennis Club now has two courts, plenty of deck space and a sweet classic hut. They welcomed three international pros—Martin Bostrom, Max LePivert, and Karl Levanat—and one Missouri-bred pro—Nick Bergman—to their small piece of heaven for an all-day clinic. Over 40 people participated in the clinics. The pros had arrived the night before at 1:30 in the morning, but their energy and good humor never failed them over five hours of instructing. The weather was delightful—warm, and cloudy—a classic fall day on the coast of Maine.

During the exhibition, Levanat and LePivert slightly beat Bostrom and Bergman in two sets. The crowd, 75 strong, were sufficiently wowed. They also heard a lot of “Do as I say, not as I do” when the players unleashed a few untimely drives. Sometimes, calm, normal behavior is hard to do!

Outgoing President Greg Campbell and member Megan Shapiro-Ross organized the day. There was plenty of food, plenty of friendly faces, and a healthy appreciation for the level the game has risen to. A few members graciously didn’t join the clinics so that new players and potential new members could have the courts.

A huge thank you to Viking for sponsoring the event and to the pros for their time and effort.

Photos courtesy of Linda Brenske

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