APTA Clinic and Exhibition Visits Wilton Family Y

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OCTOBER 3, 2010

Last night the APTA put together another great show.

Mark Fischl, Anton Mavrin, Steve O'Connell, Patricio Misitrano and myself traveled to Wilton, CT this weekend for the APTA Free Clinic and Exhibition at the Wilton Family Y. A little over 50 people came to watch a very well played and fun exhibition.Around 30 players participated in the clinics. We ran two 1-hour clinics with 4 players per court. Everybody seemed to have a lot of fun, with most of the players staying for the second hour.

During the clinics we covered a lot of basic concepts like: favor the backhand volley at the net, net positioning, screen play and more. Every single person came with a very open mind and a willingness to learn.
Once again, Wilson sponsored the event and we raffled two paddles, a pair of tennis shoes and three sleeves of balls.
We have 6 more sites to go to: next week Villages, FL and Chapell Hill, NC. Stay tuned!

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APTA Clinic and Exhibition

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