APTA remembers platform tennis innovator and Hall of Fame member Dick Reilly

May 15, 2020

The platform tennis community lost one of its most illustrious and important figures yesterday. Dick Reilly, founder of R.J. Reilly Inc. court manufacturers, RJR platform tennis camps, and a Platform Tennis Hall of Fame inductee, was an innovator, educator, and ambassador for the sport of platform tennis. “The game of paddle has gone through about as many changes as the court itself has. It’s the important things, though, that never change. The game—and the court—are for people to enjoy.” Reilly was also known for his philanthropy in many different arenas. Our deepest sympathy goes out to the Reilly family and anyone who was lucky enough to know Dick Reilly and become part of the Reilly community.

Kathy Reilly-Gross, former manager of RJR Platform Courts, said, "My father's guiding principles were hard work, determination, and a passion for helping others. At RJR, we were committed to educating the world about platform tennis. We produced the Rich Maier instructional video, published a newsletter, and held symposiums to promote the sport. The camps were a natural extension of those efforts."—2013 PTM

Hank Irvine said, "Any player who has benefitted from a lesson or any teaching pro who is making a living from the sport owes Dick Reilly a debt of gratitude. Dick and his company developed the aluminum courts. In addition, the RJR camps helped make players lesson conscious and hungry to learn the subtleties of the sport. In turn that provided the impetus for teaching professionals to become an even more critical part of the industry."—2013 PTM

For a wonderful and warm recap of his widespread contributions, please read this account from the Virtual Museum and Hall of Fame

For a look at one of RJ Reilly’s in depth platform tennis videos, go to



Dick Reilly in Montana

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