Hall of Fame Story, Nova Scotia plays the game

Hall of Fame Story
July 3, 2020

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Did you know a court was built in Central Argyle (Ardnamurchan Club) Yarmouth County, Nova Scotia? George Wood from Haverford, PA wrote to us to say:

We used it last summer! Fessenden Blanchard and James Cogswell, of course, are known for creating the game at Fox Meadow in Scarsdale in the late 1920s. My 96-year-old mother was best friends with Fess’s daughter (Ruth) in Scarsdale. Fess married into the Bryant Family (my father’s relatives) who are part of the family-owned Ardnamurchan Club. My parents actually met there at age 12 when Ruth invited my mother to be a guest in the summer of 1936. The club still has an operable platform paddle tennis [as they called it then] court. Admittedly, aluminum has replaced the wood, but remnants of the original wood remain.

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