Jerry Graham leaves a lasting impact on the APTA

March 26, 2020
Morristown, NJ


Our condolences to the family of Jerry Graham and the Morristown Field Club community. It is with deep sadness that we mourn the death of Jerry Graham. Jerry (in red sweater) passed away on March 20th. Jerry was a vibrant, loyal MFC member since 1970.

Jerry made several contributions to help grow the sport of paddle, as he was the captain of the original MFC men’s paddle team that played in what was called at the time The Ferguson League; later becoming the NJ A League. Jerry was very passionate about paddle and helped the team solidify their position as the #1 team in the A division.

Jerry was instrumental in starting the NJ Men’s Paddle League Tournament, and in fact, the NJMPLT trophy is named after Jerry, i.e., The Graham Cup. His son Jay Graham hands out the trophy every year with great pride. Jerry and his wife Tine also ran the very popular mixed tournament called The Davis Cup.

Jerry will be missed!

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