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Emily Speaks Out on "The Blamer in the Hut"


Ask the Rules Guru - Through the net, play a let?


Emily Speaks Out on Questionable Line Calls


Rules Guru Becomes One with the Net

Net gains and losses are the business of the month. More

Meet Our Etiquette Coquette

The APTA is proud to announce the newest member of our staff, Emily NetPost. Ms. NetPost will gladly and politely answer any queries about proper platform tennis protocol. Read Ms. NetPost's inaugural column.

Rules Guru - Net Hitter
Ask the Rules Guru - Net Hitter

I hit a clear winner shot and in the follow through my racquet hit the net. My opponent claimed the point. Was he right? Or was that my point because he couldn't have returned the ball? More

Grazed & Confused
Ask the Rules Guru - Grazed & Confused

How do we handle "discussions" when a ball grazes an opponent's clothing and he or she doesn't call it on himself or herself? More

Rules Guru - One Foot Wide
Ask the Rules Guru - One Foot Wide

Can you set up to serve with a foot wide of the side line? More

Out of Agreement
Ask the Rules Guru - Out of Agreement

What do you do if you and your partner disagree on an out call? More

Ask the Rules Guru – Shall We Change?
After witnessing a fight over swtiching balls, Torn and Deflocked wants to avoid future conflict by learning the rules. More
All Boarded Up
Ask the Rules Guru – To Lock or Not To Lock
All Boarded Up wants to clear up a questions on locking snow boards. More
Ask the Rules Guru – Wearing Yellow
Colorless and Confused wonders if yellow clothing really is illegal. More
Ask the Rules Guru
Ask the Rules Guru – Crossing to the Other Side
Befuddled Ball Chaser asks the Rules Guru if it's legal to chase a ball around the net post and onto the opponent's side. More
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