Emily NetPost on Penny Pinching

Emily-NetPost-150September, 2012

Dear Emily NetPost:

We have a person in our weekly game who NEVER brings a new ball. How can we tell her to get with the program without alienating her?
Penny Pinching in Pittsburgh


Dear Penny Pinching,

Sometimes not bringing a new platform tennis ball may be more than just general chintziness. Perhaps the accused cheapskate doesn’t have access (or time) to buy balls. How about suggesting sharing the responsibility of other court-related costs—that player could bring the soda or wine spritzers or pay for the lights or court time.
If it's a regularly scheduled game, printing and distributing a simple schedule of whose "turn" it is to bring the ball would clarify things.

Finally, a lovely wrapped box of balls for a birthday or housewarming would be a clear message without sending your friendship out of bounds.

Politely yours,
Emily NetPost

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