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The-Rules-Guru-Rule-BookDear Rules Guru,

My buddy prepares to serve with his back foot well wide of the side line. When he tosses the ball he raises his foot and brings it back within the line when the ball is struck. Is this a legal serve?

One Foot Wide

One Foot WideDear One Foot Wide,

Your buddy needs to adjust his initial position. According to Rule 7. Server and Receiver, “The server must deliver service from a position behind the baseline and between the center mark and the sideline, diagonally crosscourt from the receiver. (See Rule 11b).”  Rule 11 Footfault states: “The server shall…(b) not touch, with either foot, any area other than that behind the baseline within the imaginary extension of the center mark and the sideline.”

Maybe you can break him of the habit by playing Australian for awhile.

Thanks for Asking,
The Rules Guru

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