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The Rules GuruDear Rules Guru,

What do we do if my partner and I disagree on an out call?

Out of Agreement

Dear Out of Agreement,

If we had a top 10 list of rules questions asked during play, yours would be at or near the top of the list. The answer is clear, but varies a little depending on the situation. There are several paragraphs of rules that apply, so I'll give you a summary.

Before you even entertain the question of playing a let, be sure you make your out call right away, and stop play when the out call is made.

If you and your partner disagree on the call:
on any serve, play a let;
on a shot that was returnable, play a let; and
on a shot that was not returnable by either of you, award the point to your opponents.

For full details, read Rule 10. Fault or Out and Etiquette 1. Line Calls.

Thanks for Asking,
The Rules Guru

Out of Agreement

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