2008 Patterson Club Junior Open

NOVEMBER 19, 2008

 Patterson Club Junior Open was held on November 16, 2008, at the Patterson Club and Fairfied area clubs.

The tournament had a great turnout of 39 teams playing on a beautiful fall Sunday afternoon. Kids from all over region 1 turned out for this Viking Junior Tour Tourney. Special thanks to Viking for their support of this event and to Marjorie Hodson for her help with tournament registration.

The following were the results of the tournament (draws not listed below had fewer than 4 teams):

Girls 10 and under

Gold: Emily Dardis - Alexandra Shay
Silver: Katherine Luttman - Hannah Bjorkman

Boys 10 and under

Gold: Henry Fishman - Colby Gardner
Silver: Dan Myers - James Bjorkman
3rd place: Sam Slobin - Charlie Hoover


Girls 12 and under

Gold: Cami Adajian - Emily Simonds
Silver: Caitlin Ball - Tess Tregellas

Boys 12 and under

Gold: Austin Holmes - Reed Schultz
Silver: Connor Daley - Alex Slobin
3rd and 4th place tie:
Liam Breen - Harry Colville and
Robbie Gavigan - Bobby Clarke

Viking  Junior Tour

Patterson Junior 2008 Girls 14 Finalists

Girls 14 and under

Gold: Arianna Ross - Phoebe Wilks
Silver: Courtney Kyritz - Kristy Gilbert




Patterson Junior 2008 Boys 14 Finalists

Boys 14 and under

Gold: Tyler Kratky - CJ Purse
Silver: Gardner Tregellas - Will Burger
3rd and 4th place tie: Reeve Carter - Sean Carver and James Erario - Jack Kennard

Semis Finals Winner
William Burger - Gardner Tregallis Burger - Tregallis
Kratky - Purse
6-1, 6-4
Reeve Carter - Sean Carver
Tyler Kratky - CJ Purse Kratky - Purse
James Erario - Jack Kennard


Patterson Junior 2008 Girls 18 Finalists



Girls 18 and under

Gold: Margaret Souther - Rachel Whitney
Silver: Nicki Ross - Corey Delaney




2008 Patterson Club Junior Open Slide Show

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