Battling the Summertime Blues

Kelly Van Calcar
July 15, 2013
New Jersey

Every March paddle season ends and we are sad to say goodbye to our beloved circle of friends and court colleagues. In Region I, we’ve found a way to combat the off-season summertime blues by scheduling annual social “therapy” sessions to get our fix until the fall rolls back around.

It began six or seven years ago at the Bradford Tennis Club in New Jersey when Andrea Noyes organized a bunch of paddle friends to be her guests for tennis and cocktails.  It wasn’t enough. A couple years later, Maria Manley and Liz Mead decided to add a two-day event at the beach where tennis, golf, dinner and nighttime activities were planned. At times, a third bonus session might sneak in during late summer, as it did last year when Madonna came to Atlantic City—a little beach, a little gambling, a little late night rave action—which is more for the late night paddle owls, the under 30 crowd . . . and maybe Bobo Delaney.

Most of us live within two hours of each other so the frequency of therapy sessions has steadily increased over the years.  It takes a little planning but the abounding desire to reconnect helps keep those pesky summertime blues at bay until our paddles once again save the day!

Happy Summer!

Summertime Blues

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