2014 Big Daddy Cup Upholds Traditions

Tony Ettinger
May 23, 2014
Scarsdale, NY

The Eighth Annual Big Daddy Cup was played on April 4th at Fox Meadow Country Club in Scarsdale, New York. As usual, it pitted five teams, 95+ in age, from Region I against Region II.

Region II has won three titles, with Region I winning the last four in a row. Region I’s team included Anthony Cosimano and Scott Gianetti; Eddy Gartner and Terry Doran; Mike Atkinson and Hank Whiting; Scott Estes (Pa) and Matt Fawcett; and finally, Tim Mangan and Tim Heath.

Region II’s team included Mark Parsons and Greg Brents; Karl Levanat and Steve Godiksen; Jeff Morneau and Dan McCormick; Brad Easterbrook and John Bauman; and Patricio Misitrano and David Meharg.

The day started out with a 90% chance of rain predicted, but that did not impede the dedicated teams on both sides. Opening ceremonies were held promptly at 10:00 AM with the Big Daddy National Anthem, “Rock and Roll Will Never Die (Hey, Hey, My, My)”—the live version—by Neil Young, playing loudly over the speakers. This year’s participants brought many national titles in tow.

The morning matches, pitting every Region I team versus every Region II team for one set proved to be one-sided, with Region II garnering 19 of the possible 25 points. Region I would have to win 4 out of the 5 after noon best-of-3 set matches to retain the cup. Although Region I teams hung tough, especially Cosimano/Gianetti, who won the first set against the staggeringly talented team of Parsons/Brent, Region II proved to be too strong this year, sweeping the afternoon matches and winning back the Cup by the most lopsided score in Big Daddy history of 44-6.

Big Daddy 2014 All 

Also keeping with tradition, all participated in drinking Big Daddy IPA, taking photos with the Cup, and the normal palling around. Region I Captain, Tony Ettinger, vowed to increase the arms race for next year’s Cup, bringing even more national champions to the dance.

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