Platform Tennis Makes a Successful Visit to the Citi Open

Ann Sheedy
August 7, 2015
Rock Creek Park, DC at the Citi Open

2015-CitiOpen-100After watching the spectators, the participants and our platform tennis professionals I am not sure who is having more fun. Thanks to Total Platform Tennis, the APTA, Viking, and Aztek, a temporary court has been erected next to the main stadium at the Citi Open.

Mention in Day 6 Recap   Mention in Washington Post   

Since last Saturday visitors to the tennis event have been invited to come and try out “the most addictive game you’ve never heard about”. Needless to say the response has been terrific. Each day there is a schedule of clinics for adults and juniors and several exhibitions featuring top platform tennis professionals.

I am a “bit” prejudiced to say the least but watching Peter Berka, Drew Broderick, Scott Kahler and David Ohlmuller play spectacular platform tennis rivals anything you could see in the main stadium courts. The heavy lifting to bring this event to fruition was undertaken by David Dodge, Mark Kebe and Jason Gray. Their boundless enthusiasm for the game is a joy to be around. Special thanks go to all the pros who have come to DC help grow the game.

Peter Berka (Illinois) 
Drew Broderick (New Jersey) 
Ana Brzova (New Jersey) 
Ian Hintz (Colorado)
Brock Borman (Colorado) 
Brian Heil (Ohio) 
Matt Garavaglia (New York) 
Scott Kahler (Pennsylavnia)
Nathan LeFevre (New York) 
Maria Manley (New Jersey) 
David Ohlmuller (Illinois) 
Marina Ohlmuller (Illinois) 


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