Platform Tennis - A Poem by Charlotte Sikora

July 26, 2018
Philadelphia, PA
by Charlotte Sikora

Platform tennis
It’s not a myth
Enter the cage
You’re now on stage
Doesn’t matter your age
You all engage.
    Sunny, windy, snowy
Hat, gloves and hoodies
Everyone is out there
Feeling the atmosphere
     Most importantly
One serve only
No time to doubt your abilities
Slicing or kicking,
The serve has to be in.
   Did I mention, even behind, the ball is in,
Wire enemy becomes your bestie!
The ball goes by, it’s time to strike,
15 love, keep going partsy!
    Nothing like a good dig of the wire
When you thought you had retired.
Ball on fire, even the umpire looks inspired.
   Longest point, overhead to the side wire
No wait, it’s a dropper!
Unbelievable touch, it might not look like much but I let you be the judge.
    Enjoy the delight of paddle
Spread the word of the marvel
And let the show unravel.
 Problem solved, it’s you and your paddle in that cage, what a privilege.

#ChaVerses - Charlotte Sikora
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