Stonington COMO Best at 40th Big Paddle

February 20, 2019
Hartford, CT

2019 Stonington Como Big PaddleThe 2019 Big Paddle was held on February 16th. The annual event was hosted at Hartford Golf Club by Gil Keegan, the HGC team captain, and Racquet Professional. Courtia Worth. This four-club competition features the best players from central Massachusetts, central and eastern Connecticut, Rhode Island, and beyond. Many of the players were not yet born when the first Big Paddle competition was held 40 years ago. Both Longmeadow (MA) Field Club and Essex (CT) Platform Tennis Club came in as favorites, having dominated the competition over the past 10 years. There was another team in the running this year, what with the merging of the fast-growing Stonington Community Center (a.k.a. the COMO) Platform Tennis Club (CT) and the Shelter Harbor Club (RI), led by Nick Raho and Jerry Albrikes. After round robin play of 30 individual matches, the Big Paddle was headed to a new home for the year...Stonington, CT.
First Place    COMO/Shelter Harbor  14 points 
Second Place   Longmeadow FC  8 points
Third Place    Tie between Hartford GC and Essex PTC  4 points

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