Cleveland Summer Paddle League Kicks Off the “New” Season

May 13, 2014
Cleveland, OH

The summer league party kicked off a couple weeks back at the Cleveland Racquet Club, and then the ever-growing group hit the courts. In their third year, the Cleveland Summer Paddle League now has 140 players of all abilities. The CSPL has partnered with the new Viking Summer League this year, taking advantage of Viking support and equipment discounts.

Cleveland Summer 2014As spelled out in the CSPL announcement, the format “is intended to make the league fun, different, exciting, and amenable to players of different skill levels and genders.” Everyone plays four sets, switching partners each set. The early sets are usually mixed doubles and mixed ability; the last set connects players of similar ability. The point system rewards good play and attendance. The quest for the Golden Paddle has begun! For more information, check out their impressive website,

In the past seasons, the CSPL has generated $10,000 for the hosting clubs, providing funds for court maintenance as well as creating good will for the sport.

“All this energy callin’ me, back where it comes from. It’s such a crude attitude, it’s back where it belongs. Cleveland Rocks!” – Ian Hunter

Cleveland Summer 2014



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