First Pittsburgh Junior Open Grabs 14 Teams


Scott Kahler
January 12, 2017
Pittsburgh, PA

2017 Ozone
Ozone Group: Cooper Friday, Mason Friday, Michael Kilmer, Jeff Savin

Re-Ignite Group: Tyler Stallings, Topher Ernharth, Jack Delaney,
Owen Patel
The first Pittsburgh Jr. Open was played at the Fox Chapel Racquet Club on Saturday, January 7. Despite the frigid temperatures, 28 players representing five different clubs around Pittsburgh participated. Teams were placed into two groups and the matches were contested in round robin format. In the end, one team from each group finished undefeated and claimed the win. The Re-Ignite Group was won by Topher Ernharth and Tyler Stallings. Finishing in second place was Jack Delaney and Owen Patel. All four players were from the Fox Chapel Racquet Club.

In the Ozone Group, Michael Kilmer and Jeff Savin overcame a 6-1 deficit in their final match to finish undefeated. Brothers Cooper and Mason Friday won a tiebreaker in their final match to finish in second place by just one game. Again, all 4 players were from the Fox Chapel Racquet Club so it was a clean sweep for the host club. 

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