PaddleFest in Ohio

Plain City, OH
August 20, 2016

A free clinic, an exhibition, and a professional certification course were all rolled into one this past weekend near Columbus, Ohio. Elysium Tennis Club enticed over 60 players of all ages to come to the courts for four one-hour clinics, and to watch a high-level pro match in the late afternoon. The day before, a USPTA-sponsored course was offered to area pros who wanted platform tennis certification added to their resume.

Huge thanks to Ryan Baxter, Brad Easterbrook, Guga Goncalves, and host pro Brian Heil for all their effort and time and for bringing fun onto the courts, especially getting new juniors excited about the game. A great big thanks, as always, to Viking for sponsoring the event. Anton Mavrin, Chair of Clinics and Exhibitions also deserves some praise.

Interested in paddle in Columbus? Check out the Elysium Tennis Facebook page.

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