Visuals for the Drop Shot

By Christi Hays
February 21, 2017
Pittsburgh, PA

2017 Christi HayesWant to learn how to hit three types of drop shots? Christi Hays wrote a comprehensive guide to that winning shot in Platform Tennis Magazine, coming to your mailboxes soon.

Many people are visual learners. Here are three videos for you to check out. The first one was produced in 2009. What I particularly like about this video is Rod Workman’s explanation of the progression to learn the spin drop shot. The second and third videos, which were recorded more recently, demonstrate the evolution of the shot and how far it has come.

1) Rodney Workman-Platform Tennis/Episode 4/The Drop Shot

2) Rob Bakker- “Learn to do a spin drop volley”

3) PPTA “How’d they do that?” Slash Drop Shot featuring Juan Arraya - slash

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