Cindy Prendergast Inducted into Hall of Fame

MARCH 6, 2010

Cindy Prendergast Hall of FameAt the APTA Nationals party last night at Waynesborough CC, Cynthia Prendergast was inducted into the Platform Tennis Hall of Fame. Hall of Famer Bob Brown and APTA President Tim McAvoy made the presentation (photo at right - Bob Brown, Cindy Prendergast and Tim McAvoy). Hall of Famers Patty Hogan, Gerri Viant, Fritz Odenbach, David Kjeldsen, Flip Goodspeed and Scott Mansager were also in attendance.

Cindy's acceptance was generous and modest. She thanked a long line of people who have helped her and been at her side in many ways on and off the court.

The platform tennis community congratulates Cindy and thanks her for her tremendous dedication to the sport.

Hall of Fame Induction
By Patty Hogan,
with help from Bob Brown and the Hall of Fame Selection Committee
March 5, 2010
Philadelphia, PA

Cindy Prendergast and FriendsThe Hall of Fame Committee gives careful consideration to two major aspects of a candidate’s history - - achievements on the court and contributions to the game. The Committee’s decision is made easier when considering a candidate who has excelled on both fronts…and that is the case with Cindy Prendergast, who has had a record of outstanding achievements in platform tennis, both on and off the court.

Cindy has played in 16 National Championship finals in the past 15 years. She won the first of her three Mixed National titles with George Zink in 1996 and they won again in 1998 and 2001. She also won the Women’s Nationals in 1999 with Patty Hogan and in 2008 with Lauren Zink. Cindy also teamed with three other partners in both the Mixed and Women’s Nationals and reached the finals each time. Her six year partnership with Patty Hogan from 1996 to 2002 resulted in six straight appearances in the Women’s Nationals final and was highlighted by their undefeated season and National Championship win in 1999.

Having recently entered the “Senior” ranks, she won the Senior Women’s 40+ Nationals with Robin Fulton in 2002. Few players in the game have had the ability to play with so many different partners and have the success that Cindy has had, and that is what makes her so special.

Cindy has served on dozens of tournament committees over the past two decades, feeling compelled to always give back to the sport that has given so much to her. This included a trip to Germany to introduce platform tennis to a very enthusiastic tennis playing community.

She was a force behind the only Mixed Nationals played in her home state of Delaware and her ongoing efforts behind the scenes include serving on the committee running this year’s Nationals in Philadelphia. She has been a tournament director’s dream on many occasions, available on call to fill a spot in an event even if it meant she might be done by lunchtime. She understood that playing with a tournament sponsor’s friend was just as important as finding a ringer to try to win a National event. Cindy just loves to play and has always been willing to do whatever it takes to make an event a success. Cindy has earned the distinction in platform tennis of being one of the most successful players and also one of the most giving. She epitomizes the best that our sport has to offer with her effortless style of play, easygoing manner and outstanding sportsmanship. She is a fiercely competitive individual yet always puts the game first and her place in it, second.

In recognition of these accomplishments, she is now the recipient of the American Platform Tennis Association’s highest honor, the Platform Tennis Hall of Fame award…to Cynthia Ann Prendergast.

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