Chicago Runs Junior Level 2 event

December 13, 2018
Winnetka, IL
by Matt Warner

2018 Chicago Jr Level 2

Indian Hill Club hosted its very first National Junior Paddle Tournament in the Club's history this past weekend. We had 22 kids participate from around the area in both U12 and U15 divisions. It was a great day of friendly competition with little to no pressure. Each player had two serves and matches were played in round robin format.

Tournaments* are a great way for kids to improve at this lifelong sport. They get to practice what they have learned in drills, see a variety of different styles and shots, and they meet new friends. Best of all, playing paddle on a beautiful winter day gets kids outside and away from the screens (the other screens!). Think how well these kids will play as adults if they get started in tournament play early—now is the time to start. We see future Chicago Charities champions in the making!
*All skill levels are welcome to play in the junior tournaments. Stay tuned for upcoming junior events.

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