Fifth Annual Cincinnati Adult / Child Tournament

JANUARY 10, 2008

The weather was great for the 5th Annual Cincinnati Adult/Child Tournament held on Sunday January 6. Twenty eight teams were entered. They played their matches at The Cincinnati Country Club, The Glendale Lyceum, Queen City Racquet Club and The Wyoming Golf Club.  The children were enthusiastic as they encouraged the adults to play harder and high fives and smiles were seen frequently. A round robin format was used in all divisions with the 2 teams having the highest number of rounds won playing in the finals.  Many thanks to Nancy Budde for providing the balls, and Ashley Todd, Chandler Todd and Thadeus Reed for helping to organize and run the event.

In the 8-10 Division

Winners: Allison and Andrew Head
Runner Ups: Sam Wiethe and Bob Kooris

In the 12 and under Division

Winners: Niki and Ted Plattenburg
Runner Ups: Jordan and Michael Bain

In the 14 and under Division

Winners: Dawson Stokley & Lynn Schneebeck
Runner Ups: Linnea Head and Joe Hall

In the 18 and under Division

Winners: Luke and John White
Runner Ups: John and Jay Fovel

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