Mike O’Donnell and Scott Estes, Sr. Master 145+ Nationals

March 25, 2016
Scarsdale, NY

A dedicated group of 24 teams convened at the Fox Meadow Tennis Club for the APTA Men’s 145+ Nationals. Mike O’Donnell and Scott Estes, Sr. blasted through the draw, winning a great final against perennial title winners Jim Bishop and Mike Hanna.

Gary Squires, FMTC pro and son of Dick Squires, was the umpire for the finals and wore Paul Molloy's (APTA President 1969-71) APTA's Umpire Committee's Umpire Jacket that was recently donated to the Hall of Fame Museum.

Much thanks to Jo Rogers and his great group of volunteers who put on a wonderful event, which includes a Breakfast of Champions and a cocktail party to celebrate the players.


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