APTA PTI National Championships

PTI Nationals

Compete For a Title at Your Level

The APTA is working with local tournament directors around the country to host PTI National Championships for players of all skill levels. Here's your chance to compete in a tournament with teams from different regions who carry a similar PTI.

What are PTI Nationals? One day tournaments (typically) with specific PTI eligibility thresholds so that all teams participating will be of similar skill level.

Dates/Locations: PTI Nationals start in late January and run through the end of March. See schedule below.

Eligibility: Teams may register only if both player’s PTI is above the proper threshold at the time of registration. A player remains eligible once they’ve registered even if their PTI falls after registering. Similarly, a team may not be eligible to register the day registration opens but can become eligible if their PTI rises. You need to be eligible at any point of time while registration is open.

Registration: Registration opens for all PTI Nationals (except the PTI Open, which will open the same day as Nationals) four to six weeks in advance of each tournament, available on the APTA website (not by local Paddlescores league sites). All teams that register will initially be placed onto a waitlist. Teams where both players are within 10 points of the eligibility threshold will be admitted on a first-come, first-served basis. Teams that have a player outside of the 10-point eligibility threshold (10 points higher) will be admitted on a space available basis. Players will be notified Wednesday the week before the tournament if they have made it into the tournament.

Example: Women’s PTI 40+ National Championships; draw size capped at 16 teams. The first 16 teams to sign up where both players are between 40.0 and 49.9 will be guaranteed entry. There will be no preference given to two 41s versus two 49s. If a team with one player at 40 and another at 50 signs up, they will be on a waitlist and only admitted if there aren’t 16 teams with players between 40.0 and 49.9.

Draw: The draw for all PTI Nationals will be put together by the APTA PTI Nationals Committee. Teams will be seeded by PTI on the date the draw is made.

Format: For one-day PTI Nationals tournaments, depending on the size of the draw, the following shortened match format may be used:

  1. No-ad/second deuce scoring (deciding point on second deuce, if necessary; receiver’s choice)
  2. Third-set match tiebreaker for all matches except finals
  3. Two-out-of-three set regular scoring for the finals

For two-day tournaments, two-out-of-three set regular scoring for all matches.  


Awards/Prizes: The APTA will provide medals for the winners. All finalists of PTI Opens (two in Midwest, two on East Coast) will be offered a wild card spot at the 2022 Men’s and Women’s Open National Championships. (To be eligible for any of the PTI Opens, you cannot already be qualified for Nationals.)

To view the 2022-2023 PTI National Championship schedule see the CALENDAR page and filter by "National Championships". More PTI Nationals will be added as the season progresses.

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