APTA Women’s 45+/60+ and Men’s 45+/55+/65+ Nationals -Results

March 2-4, 2018
Wilmington, DE

2018 Womens 45Women’s 45+
In what has become a yearly occurrence, Cynthia Dardis and Amy Shay won the APTA 45+ National Championship. This is their sixth 45+ title; they have won it every year since the tournament’s inception. Dardis/Shay won the 50+ Nationals last month, and are the favorites to add to their trove of National titles with a win at the upcoming APTA National Championships. In the 45+ finals, Dardis/Shay faced stiff competition from Kerri Delmonico and Cindy Prendergast, fighting off two set points in the second set before closing out the match, 6-3, 7-6 (11-9). Delmonico/Prendergast almost didn’t make it to the finals, pulling through only after Liz Jaffe and Lisa Rudloff held two match points against them in the second set of their semifinal battle.

Women’s 45+ Results:
Main Draw: Cynthia Dardis/Amy Shay def. Kerri Delmonico/Cindy Prendergast
Quarterfinal Reprieve: Stella Ip/Leila Safford def. Abigail Burke/Kathy McMahon
Round of 16 Consolation: Dottie Hart/Dara Main def. Colleen Baker/Kori Lannon
Round of 32 Consolation: Victoria Knopes/Susan Thomas def. Amy Crain/Simone Twombly
Round of 32 Lucky Loser: Lee Garett/Diedre Pettinaro def. Laina Driscoll/Daphne Scullin
Round of 32 Consolation Reprieve: Donna Fabius/Joyce O’Neill def. Nina Tigani/Halle Von Kessler


2018 Womens 60Women’s 60+
The top seeds, Chris Ford and Connie Jones, won the APTA Women’s 60+ Nationals, beating the unseeded team of Jeanne Craft and Leslie Pixley in a three-set final. This is a four-peat for Jones, who has 13 Nationals title (with Diane Straus, Gerri Viant, Louise Cash, and Ken Perssons) and Ford’s second (2007 50+ with Christi Hays).


Women’s 60+ Results:
Main Draw: Chris Ford/Connie Jones def. Jeanne Craft/Leslie Pixley
3rd/4th Place: Trish Griggs/Gina Pike def. Lee Garrett/Carol Taylor
Consolation: Anne Marie Fallek/Carole Shepard def. Janis Harrison/Carol Neff
Consolation Reprieve: Carolyn Cox/Alice Ivy def. Nina Tigani/Kersten Tyreus


2018 Mens 45Men’s 45+

The four seeded teams all reached the semifinals of the APTA Men’s 45+ Nationals, with Scott Estes, Jr. and Mike Stulac, the top seeds, beating the second seeds, Anthony Cosimano and Jeff Hipkins, in the finals for the third year in a row. This is Stulac’s fourth consecutive 45+ title, his third with Estes, Jr. With this win, Stulac has four Masters Men’s titles to go along with his two National Men’s titles (2005 Bill Anderson, 2011 Mark Parsons) and his 2008 Mixed and 2008, 2011, and 2013 Husband/Wife Mixed titles, all won with his wife, Kerri Delmonico. Estes has a National Men’s title of his own (2007, Mike Cochrane) to go with his three 45+ titles.

Men’s 45+ results:
Main Draw: Scott Estes, Jr./Mike Stulac def. Anthony Cosimano/Jeff Hipkins
Quarterfinal Reprieve: Simon Peppiatt/Bruce Redpath def. Ian McDonald/Oleg Tioutine
Round of 16 Consolation: Edward Hughes/Keith Studnick def. Joseph Granahan/Matt Lehmann
Round of 16 Consolation Reprieve: Graham Boyce/Gillet Boyce def. Randy Ford/Ross Smith
Round of 32 Consolation: Eric Jacobson/Anthony Parisi def. Derek Johnson/John Nicholson


2018 Mens 55Men’s 55+
Michael Atkinson and John Shehadi won their first APTA National 55+ title by beating the 2015 and 2016 champions, Mark Holtschneider and Rusty Wright. This is Atkinson’s second Masters Men’s title; he won the 2012 45+ tournament with John Milbank.

Men’s 55+ Results:
Main Draw: Michael Atkinson/John Shehadi def. Mark Holtschneider/Rusty Wright
Quarterfinal Reprieve: Chris Packer/Pete Pijawka def. Bob Clayton/Tad Stellman
Consolation: Ken Brown/Barton Rubenstein def. Paul McCabe/Mike Reckmeyer
Consolation Reprieve: Kenneth Emerson/Steve Peck def. Don Denig/Rick Martin

2018 Mens 65Men’s 65+
Tim Brooke and Ivan Harlow upheld their top seeding and beat the second seeds, John Adams and Burke Hayes, to defend their APTA Men’s 65+ Championship title. In addition to the two 65+ titles he earned with Brooke, Harlow won the 60+ title in 2015 and 2016 with Ken Persson.

Men’s 65+ Results:
Main Draw: Tim Brooke/Ivan Harlow def. John Adams/Burke Hayes
3rd/4th Place: Scott Estes, Sr./Steve Griggs def. John McMillin/Daniel Wheeler
Consolation: Bruce Humphreys/Rick Sahlman def. Jean Kempner/Jim McNitt
Consolation Reprieve: Bob Harrison/Norm Liedtke def. Jeffrey Brooks/Barry Snyder

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