APTA Team National Championships

Saturday, April 4 - Sunday April 5 2020
Chicago, Illinois

Tournament Details & Entry

2020 APTA Team Nationals

The APTA Team Nationals, previously the APTA National League Championships, offers players of all levels a chance to compete for a title. Self-selected teams of at least six players with similar ratings, take on teams from other towns, cities, or states.

How Team Nationals Works

 Teams of six or more meet in Chicago for a two-day tournament on April 6-7. On Saturday, teams play three lines of doubles in a round robin versus the other teams in their group. All of the teams (last year there were over 40) meet at The Exmoor Club for an extremely excellent cocktail party/dinner and pro exhibition. The top four teams head to the semifinals on Sunday. The best two teams play the finals and one of them goes home with medals.

Best Part of Playing at Team Nationals

Being part of a team, instead of relying on yourself and your partner, changes your mindset and energy level. There is always someone willing to listen, to coach, to fix, to feed, to drink, and to laugh with at all stages of the competition. Some other perks of team play:

There is safety in numbers. Didn’t have your best match? That is okay, you will have more matches, you may be paired up with a different partner, or get a chance to rest and regroup. Your results are part of an aggregate, so you have your teammates to lean on when your serve goes out the door and down the street. You’ll do the same for them.

The whole team and the dog under the wagon. If you are playing lights out, you can also be called this. Everyone loves a teammate who plays like the whole team and the dog under the wagon. Just don’t think you have to play like this all the time—use your partner well and know that your teammates are also going to peak at some point.

90% of the game is half mental. From that masterful wordsmith Yogi Berra. Platform tennis is very mental, and hopefully you don’t get half mental, but if you do, there is a good chance your partner, your teammates, and even your teammates who are sitting this round out, are keeping it together. Reorganize your synapses and off you go.

Take one for the team. Did your captain ask you to play in Line One with a lefty, and you are still working on keeping your overheads out of the net? Take one for the team. Be sure to stay upbeat, try new shots or grips, and at least one new flavor of beer after your match.

Never confuse movement with action. If Ernest Hemingway had played paddle, he would remind you of calm and normal behavior. If you find yourself spinning in the corners, you are confusing movement with action. Ask your partner for a chill pill, look to the window where your team is cheering you on, and repeat Hemingway’s words over and over.

If you take out the team in teamwork, it’s just work. Now who wants that? Being part of a team makes everything easier and more fun: from rides between clubs and hotels, motivating you when the bad weather is getting you down, procuring a drink from the bar if four people order at once, photobombing the team that beat you by one game, all sorts of things!

Start organizing a group today, rate yourself to find your number, and work toward a team goal.

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