Dorfling and Montenegro Uncommonly Good at Average Joe Stonington

Russ Burgess

December 15, 2014
Stonington, CT

Average Joe

Just a few months into their first season with a new facility, the Stonington COMO in Stonington, Connecticut, ran their first tournament. Labeled "The Average Joe" Tournament, 16 teams from the Rhode Island and the South East Connecticut shoreline competed in a one-day event. Winning the main draw were Rob Montenegro and Nic Dorfling, who beat Mike Lloyd and Peter Limoncelli. Thank you to all that participated and we look forward to hosting this event again in the future.

Thanks also to our sponsor, Charles Schwab of Mystic, CT, and the APTA. If all goes as planned, more AJTs will be scheduled in Newport, Hartford, Boston and Guilford, CT, in the near future.

Toilet Bowl Trophy
Average Main Draw: Nic Dorfling/Rob Montenegro def. Peter Limoncelli/Mike Lloyd

Average Quarter Reprieve: Winners Mike Carr/Ryan Carr

Average Consolation: Winners Charlie Beal/Ken Brodin

Average Consolation Reprieve: Winners Steve Griggs/Michael Melford

Average Joe 2014 Finalists

Left to right: Nic Dorfling, Rob Montenegro, TD Russ "Average" Burgess, Peter Limoncelli, Mike Loyd

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