Chicago Men's Series Tournaments

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2015 5.0 Final Draw (pdf) 
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2014 4.5 Final Draw (pdf)
2014 4.0 Final Draw (pdf) 
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Region V 

The Series Tournaments are designed just for you because the other participants will be closer to your current playing level than any other tournament you could enter. We do this by restricting the entrants to just the guys playing in the Chicago CPTC League so that their playing level is clearly transparent.

Date:  Saturday - Sunday, January 22-23, 2022
Location:  Chicago, IL
Contact:  John Noble
Entry: Please contact tournament Director for details.
Format &
All players must be members of the Chicago CPTC league. 
There will be 4 Individual Tournaments all going on at the same time:
  • a tournament for players rostered at the 5.0 level  (Series 4 – 7)
  • a separate tournament for players rostered at the 4.5 level (Series 8 – 12)
  • a tournament for players rostered at the 4.0 level (Series 13 – 19)
  • a tournament for players rostered at the 3.5 level (Series 20 – 28)
  Players are limited to 1 tournament and are not allowed to play “Down”.
However, players may play “UP” by entering a higher tournament if they wish.
  Players who are rostered on teams at 2 different clubs (for example, 4.5 at one club and 4.0 at another club) must use the higher Series to determine which tournament they are eligible for.
  Paddle or tennis pros are not allowed to enter regardless of where they are rostered.
  All matches will play a super breaker (tiebreak to 10) if the first two sets are split

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