Kahler/Rogers Repeat as Canadian Open Champs

By Suzanne Lanthier
April 8-9, 2017
Toronto, Canada

The Canadian Open
Just Like The T-Shirt Said – ‘Great Paddle. Cold Beer. The Canadians.’

2017 Canadian Open MenWith the largest ever field of combined players in three draws, the Canadian Open had to move its final round matches to Sunday morning for the first time in over a decade. Clearly, paddlers are not ready to give up their beloved sport just yet. Players from across Ontario and within Region IV and beyond were treated to two days of incredible weather sandwiched between snow and thunderstorms on Friday and Monday (#thankyoumothernature).

Virgin Canadian Open players from Columbus, Rochester, Chicago, New Jersey, Fonthill, Washington and Pittsburgh joined with some of our long-time friends for a truly wonderful two days of paddle that marked the official end to the APTA tournament season.

In the B-Draw, the Chicago-based team of McDonald/Sciaretti took top honours over the Toronto Teds in the final. The Women’s competition saw both top seeded teams upset by Rochester teams who eventually battled it out in the final. Mari Fitzsimmons and Hillarie Parinello beat their fellow Rochesterians Kerrie Brown and Amanda Siebert in the final.

In the Men’s Open, it was looking like we were headed for an all US final, but Adam Lis/Paul Stulac  pulled an upset over Columbus’ Heil brothers in their semi. (The Heil brothers had to face a pair of Stulac brothers in back to back matches!) In the other semi, Dan Englander and Matt Garavaglia couldn’t break the unbeaten Canadian streak of Pittsburgh’s Scott Kahler and Matt Rogers. In the final it was Kahler/Rogers taking home the Joe Stulac Memorial trophy, defeating Adam Lis and Paul Stulac, 6-3, 6-1. Sweet revenge as the Penguins lost to the Leafs the night before.

For those of you who have never experienced “the Hill” at the Kingsway Platform Tennis Club, this was the weekend to participate.  The Hill did its duty this weekend and provided superior vantage viewing, tanning and the ultimate hydration station. At the peak of the afternoon sun, with 104 paddlers, dozens of spectators and no one in the clubhouse – well, you get the picture.

Honourable mentions for winners of the party include:
The duelling pick-up truck tailgating crew from Fonthill.
Noah “I am told I had a great time last night” Seidenberg.
But the clear winners of this prestigious prize goes to the Poncho Paddlers from Columbus.

Special thanks to Great Lakes Brewery and Barry Pletch. Having a member with equal passions for craft beer and paddle – it’s a tournament director’s dream!

Also thanks to Stef Pilacinski, The Lis Family, Viking Athletics, the Gallagher Family, Ian Watson, Brad McIlroy for all you did to make the weekend so successful.

Paul Stulac sent the draws to me at 4 AM on Friday morning. ‘Nuff said. Paul, there would be no tournament without you.

Lastly, to all the players who drove, flew, uber-ed, and stumbled to and from the KPTC. Thank you.
Your collective passion and patience for our not-so-little-anymore tourney staged at our 100% volunteer-run 5-court/1bathroom facility was inspiring. Your friendships are even better.

Last but not least - stay safe Eric H. We will see you soon!

Men’s Open
Main Draw: Scott Kahler/Matt Rogers def. Adam Lis/Paul Stulac
Quarterfinal Reprieve: Michael Chen/Ritush Venugopal def. Tim Hunter/Carey Low
Consolation: Bruce Grant/Rob Janecek def. Brad McIlroy/Chris Sabine
Consolation Reprieve: Terry Babb/Noah Seidenberg def. Rich Carron/Rich Moellering

Women’s Open
Main Draw: Mari Fitzsimmons/Hillarie Parinello def. Kerrie Brown/Amanda Siebert
Quarterfinal Reprieve: Anneliese Adkinson/Jess Easdale def. Lynn Ivans/Jenna McClintock
Consolation: Alex Bruce/Janet McKinnon def. Dorothy Greenaway/Joy Waldie
Consolation Reprieve: Jody Belcher/Valerie Upson def. Courtney Andreach/Kelly Crowley

Men’s B
Main Draw: Alex McDonald/Dan Sciaretti def. Ted Lis/Ted Stitski
Semifinal Reprieve: Dupak/Stinson def. Andrew Anderson/Ryan Sharp
Consolation: Ben Howarth/Terry Snatinsky def. Richard Cooke/Dundee Staunton
Consolation Reprieve: Andrew Quast/Nigel Wittiveen def. Drew Buzdon/Greg Sutter

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