Doten & Schwartz Take Milwaukee Women's

OCTOBER 25, 2009

The Milwaukee Open is always a great start to the midwest's season of NRT/PCQ tournaments. This year 14 women's teams competed in an an extremely stong draw. The majority of the teams hailed from Chicago, and many of them warmed up the previous day playing league matches. Unfortunately, both that warm up day and the day of the tournament were wet. It was just plain raining for the early rounds, and the hut took on the feel of a laundromat with all the clothes hung up to dry. But the weather didn't dampen the positive attitudes of the players, and the weather cleared fr the later rounds.

In the final, Mary Doten and Christine Schwartz defeated Heather Prop and Lynn Schneebeck in 3 sets, 6-2, 5-7, 6-4.

FInal Women's Draws

(l-r) Finalists Lynn Schneebeck & Heather Prop
Winners Christine Schwwartz & Mary Doten
In the Hut

Main Draw

1 Heather Prop - Lynne Schneebeck Prop - Schneebeck Prop - Schneebeck Prop – Schneebeck Doten - Schwartz
6-2, 5-7, 6-4
3 Missy D'Alise - Katie Queenan Goldberg - Magrini
4 Lisa Goldberg - Ellen Magrini
5 Sarah Williams - Linda Hoch Williams-Hoch Lemery-Ohlmuller
6 Arlene Frommer - Susan Watkins
7 Meg Revord - Daniella Lemery-Ohlmuller
8 Suzanne Lemery - Marina Ohlmuller
9 Mary Doten - Christine Schwartz Doten - Schwartz Doten - Schwartz Doten – Schwartz
10 Vicki Lee - Hallie Bodman
11 Holly Tritt - Gillian Climo Mackinnon - Jones
12 Cathy Mackinnon - Sally Jones
13 Suzy Moore - Leslie Hough Moore - Hough Cottingham – Hayward
14 Susie Taylor - Shannon Vinson
15 BYE Cottingham - Hayward
16 Sally Cottingham - Liz Hayward
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