The 33rd Cleveland Masters

NOVEMBER 18, 2007

In what could be regarded as the deepest draw in recent memory, 26 teams from the U.S. and Canada competed in the 33rd Cleveland Masters. In the final, the team of Fritz Odenbach (Rochester, NY) and Doug Jones (Cincinnati, OH) defeated the #3 seed of Scott McFaden (Pittsburgh, PA) and Paul Stulac (Toronto, ON) 7-5, 6-1.

Left to right:
Paul Stulac (Toronto, ON), Scott McFaden (Pittsburgh, PA),
Fritz Odenbach (Rochester, NY) and Doug Jones (Cincinnati, OH)

Mr. Odenbach last won the tournament in 1997 with Mike Stulac beating Scott Mansager and Tom Sullivan. Mr. Odenbach was a runner-up in 1993, 1995, and 2006. This was Mr. Jones first Masters victory after a runner-up appearance last year with Mr. Odenbach.

14 players of the top 32 ranked teams from the 2006-07 year-end APTA rankings competed. The top seeds were:

1. Peter Berka and Ed Granger (Chicago, IL) APTA #6
2. Denny English / Brian Heil (Columbus, OH) APTA #11
3. McFaden / Stulac APTA #12
4. Brett Englesberg / Brad Kelly (Pittsbugh, PA) APTA #16

This was without a doubt a most impressive tournament for Mr. Odenbach and Mr Jones having to beat out the #1, #3 and #4 seeds for their championship. An elated and tired Mr. Odenbach commented, "it was a great tournament and we hope to be back next year." Cleveland hopes they and the rest of the field will return!

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