Trish Griggs and Jen Bauman Victorious at Greater Hartford Ladies’ B

December 6, 2017
Farmington, CT
by Hilary Meyers

2017 Greater Hartford Ladies B
Winners Trish Griggs/Jen Bauman; Finalists Kathy Kulig/Eugenie Warner
The weather was perfect, as was the field of competitors, for Farmington Field Club’s first APTA tournament. Local participants were joined by players from Summit, New Jersey, and Rochester, New York, on December 1 in Farmington, Connecticut. A draw of ten teams enjoyed competitive matches throughout the day. Hard-won points, good sportsmanship, and plenty of laughter punctuated the event. Farmington Field Club was pleased to host this event, after having been hit hard by wind storms in 2016 and having to rebuild their recently refurbished facility.

The day culminated in a close, well-executed and thrilling main draw final, pitting Trish Griggs and Jen Bauman against Kathy Kulig and Eugenie Warner. Griggs/Bauman overcame a first set loss, but not without pushback from their worthy opponents—the match concluded in a third set tie-breaker. The final score: 4-6, 7-5, 7-6. 

Much appreciation to GM David Marshall’s efforts to make the day fun and smooth. Farmington Field Club hopes that this initial effort will lead to many future tournaments with equal success.

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