Suzanne Lemery and Kelly Rohrbach Have A Happy Valentine's at Hinsdale PCQ

Feb 16, 2015
Hinsdale, IL

Second seeds Suzanne Lemery and Kelly Rohrbach were victorious at the Hinsdale PCQ on Valentine’s Day, defeating top seeds, Tournament Director Mary Doten and Chelsea Nusslock, who won there in 2012. The semifinals contained the top four seeds, with third seeds Alison Morgan and Denise Richards losing to Lemery/Rohrbach, while fourth seeds Nancy Budde and Tracy Glassmeyer valiantly fought for three sets against Doten/Nusslock.

Congratulations to all players! See the full draws below.

Below L-R: Mary Doten, Chelsea Nussblock, Kelly Rohrbach and Suzanne Lemery.

Hinsdale 2015

Hinsdale 2015 Final Draw

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