Illinois Married Mix- The largest loving-est tournament of the year

April 23, 2021
Chicago, IL

2021 Illinois Married Mix Final Results (pdf) A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 C2 D1 D2 D3

Tournament Director John Watrous wrote: “Did anyone have any fun on Saturday? Are we all still on speaking terms with our spouses? I sure hope the answer is ‘yes’ because that was simply a phenomenal day for paddle. What great weather, huh?! Congratulations to all couples that participated, and especially the champions and finalists.

I would like to thank everyone that helped out with delivering hut packages and especially our team at Command Central consisting of Ania Bochnia, my daughters Chloe & Elodie, the Reads’ daughters Skylar & Keira, as well as Steph & Chris Foster and Karen & Joe Fusco. Great job, people! The tournament would have come to a halt without you.

I also want to be sure the various club pros are shown appropriate appreciation as well for their generosity in allowing us to use 72 courts across 16 different clubs. We have never been able to allow so many couples—144—to participate and it wouldn’t have happened without access to all of those courts. I have already sent a thank you to all of them, but please take the time to thank your pro as well if they donated courts. And if we didn’t use your club’s courts, it would be helpful for them to hear from you how great it would be if they could donate as many as possible next year. I don’t want to have to reduce the size of the field next year.

Last, I want to be sure to mention our charity, Connections for the Homeless. With such a large tournament, we managed to raise more money for them than ever—over $5,000. If you want to increase that total, feel free to donate on your own at and learn more about this amazing organization.


A1: Stephanie McGuire/Daniel McGuire def. Audrey Koopsen-Boucquemont/Teddy Boucquemont
A2: Julie Gustafson/Andrew Gustafson def. Allison Bouchard/Patrick Bouchard
B1: Jill Schlossberg/David Schlossberg def. Linda Buggy/Kevin Buggy
B2: Lindsey Bruso/Chad Bruso def. Emily Ciaglo/Jason Ciaglo
C1: Jennifer Unis/Alex Unis def. Anne Ordway/Chris Ordway
C2: Taryn Stein/Brett Stein def. Sara Winstanley/Matt Winstanley
D1: Mary Hunt/Neil Hunt def. Kim Pfahl/Andrew Pfahl
D2: Vanessa Shropshire/Jackie Shropshire def. Jenner Johnson/Luke Schlafly
D3: Kirsten Starr/Andy Starr def. Lisa Weber/Karl Weber

2021 Married Mixed IL
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