Kritzler & Rose Take Illinois Intermediates Title

NOVEMBER 23, 2010

CPTC-logo-100The Illinois Intermediates is part of a group of tournaments in Chicago that provide options for every level of player. Not as tough as the Chicago Charities, in which the top nationally ranked players battle it out, the Intermediates gives the next layer of talent its chance for a title.

The Intermediates is limited to teams whose combined Chicago League Series add up to 4 or more. A guy in the top series (1) would have to play with someone in at least series 3, and so on. Pros aren't allowed no matter their series.

This tournament also features an option for 3-person teams. These "link" teams allow for busy schedules, as well as for players who don't want to take all the pounding a multi-draw paddle tournament so often dishes out. It also gives a team another chance after an injury default. The third member can step in for the next match. Three person teams can rotate players in different rounds, but the team that starts a match has to finish it together. This year, both teams in the Reprieve final were threesomes.

This year's title was captured by the 6th seeded team Kritzler & Rose, who defeated 4th seeds Bice & Johnson 6-4, 6-3 in the final.

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Congratulations to all the winners and finalists.

Draw Winners Finalists
Main Kritzler - Rose Bice - Johnson
Consolation Andersen - Whipple Darragh - Tingue
Last Chance Dunphy - Pollitt Forster - Gorski
Reprieve McGuire-Reed-Ryno Reighard-O'Brien-Weis
Quarter Reprieve Baccich - Seaman Hopkins - Weber
Consolation Reprieve Pozo - Rossetto Buerger - Weis

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