Aila Main and Annika van Starrenburg Take Title at Jane B. Fleming Memorial

December 7, 2015
Greenwich, CT

Congratulations to all who participated in the Jane B. Fleming Women’s Region 2 PCQ.

Finalists are pictured below and listed at right:2015-Jane-B-Fleming-700

Jane B. Fleming Women's Region 2 PCQ

Winners: Aila Main/Annika van Starrenburg
Finalists: Jen Demsey/Amy Hutter
Quarter Reprieve Winner: Kallie Hapgood/Sherry Ramsay
Reprieve Winner: Maryellen O'Mahony/Roopali Hall
Consolation Winners: Lynn House/Julie Kennedy
Consolation Reprieve Winners: Sarah Black/Natalie Falcon

Players Layers Challenge collected over 50 clothing items for donation!

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