The Cochrane/Parson’s Project Takes KC Open

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Kyle Francis Aaron, “Platform Beat Reporter” 
January 8, 2013
Kansas City, MO

2013 Kansas City Men's OpenWhen speaking of a dynamic duo, certain criteria must be met. They must have the friendship of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, the intuition of Jordan and Pippen, and the sheer brute force of Tango and Cash. However to be a legendary partnership, two individuals must synergize on a higher plane of excellence. Such excellence was witnessed at the Kansas City Men’s Open.

Thousands gathered (exact attendance is exaggerated for dramatic effect) in the freezing cold to pay homage to the greatness of Mike “The Bedazzler” Cochrane and Mark “No Nonsense” Parsons, as they defeated their formidable opponents, Dan Englander and Rob Janacek,6-0, 6,2.

“We just stuck to the game plan,” Cochrane said following the victory. “I can’t imagine paddling with anyone else but Mark and to see all our hard work pay off means that dreams really can come true.”

Future Hall-of-Famer Parsons battled all weekend, even after suffering what appeared to be a wrist injury he endured signing too many autographs for his Kansas City fans. “Yeah it hurt,” Parsons said of his injury, “But was I supposed to quit? My fans expect me to be out there every point, paddling my heart out and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.”

Much speculation surrounds what the team will do next. Some reports say the duo is set to star in a full-length feature film about two brothers who bond over platform tennis, while heroically coming to grips with their own arachnophobia. The film, Not Without My Paddle, is tentatively scheduled to start shooting this fall.

In its inaugural year as a NRT/PCQ, the KC Open drew players from all over the country.  Players flew in from Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Nebraska.  The tournament hopes to build on its success next year by adding even more ranked teams (six in this year’s draw) and its reputation of bringing in another Cochrane/Parson’s Project.

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Draw Winners  Finalists  Score 
Main Draw: Cochrane/Parsons  Englander/Janacek  6-0, 6-2 
Consolation: Shoff/Feder  Kanaga/Battle  6-4, 6-2 
Reprieve: Priddy/Fransen  Curtis/Randle  7-6, 6-1 
Last Chance: Crowe/Alstead  Slentz/Connor  6-2, 6-0 

2013 Kansas City Men's Open Slide Show - Photos Courtesy of Mark Schotte

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