Fur was Flying at the Revitalized Philly Open

Feb 16, 2015
Berwyn, PA

2015 Philly Open Hats 2015 Furry Philly Open

The Philly Open returned to the tournament circuit this year, with a phenomenal marketing push, prize money, top level players, and some really fun parties. With the slogan, “are you decent” and the iconic Philadelphia LOVE sculpture adorning all of the paraphernalia, there was no let up in the double entendres flying all Valentine’s Day weekend.

Tim McAvoy and Steve Beers, with an assist from many local talents and generous sponsors, made this one cheesesteak of a tournament. 

Congratulations to the champions and all of the players who braved deep cold to participate in this warm event.

Philly Open 2015 Women's Draw

Philly Open 2015 Men's Draw

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