2014 Pioneer Valley 95+

December 2, 2014
Longmeadow, MA

Another great event in Longmeadow found Keith Komline and Jeff Lynch overcoming Glenn Marshall and Chris Arciero for the 2014 Pioneer Valley 95+ crown.

Main Draw Keith Komline
Jeff Lynch
Glenn Marshall
Chris Arciero

Reprieve Tim Scanlon/Bill Bodde Mike Shields/Rob Durfee
Consolation Don Helm/Jamie Stone Gary Weiner/Kent Griffiths 6-3, 6-2
Last Chance Larry Eagan/Rick Steele Hugh Duffy/Dave Nelson


Pioneer Valley Main Draw Finalists 2014

Main Draw (L to R) Finalists Glenn Marshall/Chris Arciero, Winners Keith Komline/Jeff Lynch

Pioneer Valley Reprieve Finalists 2014
Reprieve (L to R) Winners Tim Scanlon/Bill Bodde, Finalists Mike Shields/Rob Durfee

Pioneer Valley Consolation Finalists 2014
Consolation (L to R) Finalists Gary Weiner/Kent Griffiths, Winners Don Helm/Jamie Stone

Pioneer Valley Last Chance Finalists 2014
Last chance (L to R) Winners Larry Eagan/Rick Steele, Finalists Hugh Duffy/Dave Nelson

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