Plain Jane Women’s C (PTI 55+)

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Region II

Date:  Saturday, April 24, 2021
Location:  Stonington, CT
Stonington Community Center
28 Cutler St
Stonington, CT 06378
Contact:  Nuffy Murphy
Entry: Online Entry
  Entry Fee: $120/ team
  Entry Deadline is Thursday, April 22nd
  Your entry is not final until payment and entry are received and confirmed.
  Official APTA rules will govern play.
This tournament is designed for C-level players. B-level players will be able to participate if they are paired with a C-level player. Tournament co-chairs reserve the right to decline entrants.
Draw Size: 16 teams- one draw. There will be a waitlist if more than 16 teams enter
Food: Breakfast snacks and Lunch will be provided
Covid Guidelines: *Players must wear a mask when playing and on the paddle deck
*Gathering on the paddle deck is not allowed
*Social distancing is to be observed
*Players are asked to congregate behind the courts in the grass for lunch versus on the deck
*No spectators are permitted to keep numbers low and in compliance with state mandate
*Leslie is the only authorized person to enter the paddle Hut since the Hut is closed due to Covid
*Players will have the access code to the restrooms; restrooms will remain locked
*Players will use the hand sanitizer found on the courts pre and post play
*No players are spending more than 24 hours in CT for the tournament-for those from restricted states if relevant

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