Paul Feder and Kyle Shoff Solid at Springfield Open

November 16, 2018
Springfield, IL
by Brian Windisch

2018 Springfield Open

Main Draw
Back Draws

Thanks to the two St. Louis teams making the effort to come on up and play, we had a full field for this year’s Springfield Open. The tournament went off well thanks to the help of the Springfield platform community.

We had an early season snow, which was a concern, but it let up on Saturday (November 10). The sun came out and the courts played well. In talking about the play, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the hour and 45 minute, two-set grind, the team of Toby King and Rod Remolina put Rob Christopherson and myself through in the quarterfinals. A very tight match that we were lucky to win. My knees are still hurting. King and Remolina obviously were no worse for wear because they went on to win the Quarter Reprieve draw.

After a first round loss, the international sensations of Gustavo Mosquera (Colombia) and Nico Paz (Bolivia) ran the table and won the Consolation draw. In looking through some of the pictures taken throughout the day, it was decided that, if they gave up platform tennis, they could still make a living modeling winter clothing. A side note: Between the first and second rounds, Mosquera had to leave the courts and go run a 5K with his daughter.

After a bit of a slow start, the newly formed team of Mike Lair and Kyle Muskopf figured it out and won the Consolation Reprieve draw. (Thanks again to Mike Lair’s wife for all the pictures of the action.)

The four top seeds made it to the semifinals. The team of Kyle Shoff and Paul Feder from St. Louis took out Rob Christopherson and me in two sets. The other semifinal match went the distance with Cole Buehnerkemper and Hayden Esker winning in three sets over Alex Mayer and some guy he picked up from Cleveland. I think his name was Wayne “PBR Me One More Time” Goldie.

The final was an exciting match that also went the distance. Buehnerkemper/Esker ran out to a quick 5-1 lead, only to have Feder/Shoff tie it up at five games apiece. Cole/Hayden managed to regroup to take the first set at 7-5, but Feder/Shoff took the next two sets to become the victors. A great day of paddle, a good group guys, and the throwing back of an adult beverage or two to keep things loose made for a great day. Appreciate all the participants making this a successful event and hope to see everyone next year. [The APTA would like to thank Tournament Director Brian Windisch for all of his time and effort.]

Main Draw: Paul Feder/Kyle Shoff def. Cole Buehnerkemper/Hayden Esker, 5-7, 6-0, 6-2
Quarter Reprieve: Toby King/Rod Remolina def. Kepner/Morton, 6-2, 6-3
Consolation: Gustavo Mosquera/Nico Paz def. Harris/Thieben, 6-3, 2-6, 6-3
Consolation Reprieve: Mike Lair/Kyle Muskopf def. Kinzer/Sibert. 6-2, 6-1

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