Tyler Noland and John Nichols Take Tar Heel Men’s PCQ

(l-r) left to right:  Albert Veverka / Dan Hersh (Pittsburgh, PA),
Tyler Noland / John Nichols  (Pittsburgh, PA)

Semi Finalists
3rd Place Finalists
(l-r) Peyton Lawson / Blake Gayle (Richmond VA),
Bob Stratton / Graham McNerney (Atlanta, GA)

Feed-In Finalists
5th Place Feed-In Finalists
(l-r) John Morris / Alex Whaling (Winston-Salem, NC),
Darryl Lewis / Mason Norman  (Winston-Salem, NC)

Rich Green
February 21, 2013
Chapel Hill, NC

Rain and snow were the theme this year. Thirty-one of the 32 entrants made their way to Chapel Hill from New York, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Richmond, Asheville, Charlotte, and Atlanta with only one stuck in snow in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Precipitation made the three UNC ground-level courts unplayable so the full 16-team draw took place on only two courts at The Chapel Hill Tennis Club.

The tournament went on, of course, and was completed in the early evening with abbreviated President's Cup-style matches in early rounds and abbreviated back draw matches. Early rain turned to snow, which melted just quickly enough to let play continue on the courts that did not have heaters. This may have been the first experience for many southerners to play paddle in rain and snow. We all learned that good food, good beer, good times, and good competition can be had outside on a wet winter day when most would want to stay indoors.

Final Draw

Main Tyler Noland
John Nichols
(Pittsburgh, PA)
Albert Veverka
Dan Hersh
(Pittsburgh, PA)
7-5, 6-2
Third Place Playoff Bob Stratton
Graham McNerney
(Atlanta, GA)
Peyton Lawson
Blake Gayle
(Richmond, VA)
6-2, 6-2
Fifth Place Feed-In Final John Morris
Alex Whaling
(Winston-Salem, NC)
Darryl Lewis
Mason Norman
(Winston-Salem, NC)
6-1, 6-4
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