Bill and Ben Davis Win First Wellesley Weekend Warrior Tourney

March 5, 2018
Wellesley, MA
by Amin Khadduri

2018 Wellesley Weekend WarriorAs the bomb cyclone nor’easter pummeled the region, warriors from the area marched their way toward the Wellesley Country Club for the first annual Wellesley Weekend Warrior Paddle Tournament. The March 3rd event had a 19-team draw of the region’s finest 38+ (based on the Boston Men’s League rating system) teams competing for the coveted Yeti cup. Once the battles began, it was apparent that this day was going to be filled with many fun and competitive matches.

One notable battle was the quarterfinal match between two teams representing Brookline Paddle Club. John Yellen and Barry Nectow squeaked by Robert Donahue and Eric Sockol, 9-7, in the third-set tiebreaker to advance to the semis. Another noteworthy team was the husband and wife duo of Michael and Jessi Stone. These are new players to the game who are going to be a force to be reckoned with. After their first match, the paddle bug had infected the pair, so I’m sure we will be seeing them again next year.

Tournament Director David McNaughton was happy to see the winds die down and the sun peak through the clouds just in time for lunch to be served and the finals to begin. By the end of the day the Warriors were well fed and hydrated and had many fond memories of their battles on the court.

Special thanks to The Country Club and Brae Burn Country Club for their help in hosting the WWW paddle tournament. We hope to see you next year.

Main Draw: Bill Davis/Ben Davis def. Tim White/Martin Zinny
Quarter Reprieve: Jeff Hamilton/Josh King def. Art Greenwood/Garrett Smith
Consolation: Bob Gibson/Wilson Owens def. Tim Driver/Matt McPherron
Last Chance: Ralph Dangelmaier/Steffen Kondi def. Chris Jeffery/Steve Rex


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