Leila Safford and Stella Ip Win Wilmington Women’s Open

Laurie Hissey
February 10, 2014
Wilmington, DE

Congratulations to Leila Safford and Stella Ip, the 2014 winners of the Wilmington Women's Open! Safford and Ip defeated Diane Straus Tucker and Erin Ortiz 6-1,6-2 in the late-day final.

A field of 40 teams competed in this one-day women's PCQ, which kept things rocking and rolling on a beautiful Friday at Greenville Country Club and surrounding Wilmington courts. The entire field enjoyed a very full day of paddle, free-flowing food and drink, and an outstanding feeling of friendship and camaraderie among a tulip-filled hut!

A special thank you to ten-year tournament director Betsy Pinsky on her retirement and a job well done!

Draw Winners Finalists Score
Main Leila Safford/Stella Ip Erin Ortiz/Diane Straus Tucker 6-1,6-2
Third/Fourth Place Laurie Hissey/Betsy Hepps Cindy Prendergast/Milbrey Jacobs
Fifth/Sixth Place Sally Allen/Colleen Baker Betsy Heidenberger/Sue Pijawka
Seventh/Eighth Place Denise Studnick/Daphne Conner Barb Herzlich-Christine Sturgis

2014 Wilmington Women's PCQ Slide Show

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