Viking President's Cup - Rules for Region VI

Region VI News

Men’s Captains: Ken Croney -
Women’s Captain: Cameron Lanphier -

Men’s President’s Cup Scoring/Seeding Rules

Players must be a resident of Region VI. Team members will be selected, first, on the basis of performance in PCQ tournaments within the region and, second, on the basis of performance in PCQ events outside the region. In the event that these criteria do not clearly indicate the appropriate players to be selected, the decision shall be made by the  Region President, based on overall participation, performance and availability.  The Captain will be responsible for team order.  Performance in PCQ events will not necessarily determine order. For example; a selected team may play anywhere from 1-5.

Women’s President Cup Scoring/Seeding Rules

Downloadable (pdf) version

The following rules apply to President’s Cup (PC) qualification in Region VI:

  1. Players must play in at least one PCQ or NRT Region VI tournament and be a resident of Region VI.
  2. The 3 best PCQ or NRT tournament results will be used to determine qualification points.
  3. Two of the three tournaments may be out of region, but it is not required to play in an out of region tournament.
  4. Players may accrue points as individuals and do not have to play with the same partner to accrue points.
  5. Region VI players who lose to a team consisting of two out-of-region players will receive points for the next round of play.
  6. The president cup points will be determined in accordance to the APTA’s system of strength of the tournament multiplied by the results of play in the tournament. Players may play with out-of-region players and receive PCQ points. Any NRT points earned during the year will be added to local PCQ points earned. (See below.)
  7. In the event of a tie at season’s end for the President’s Cup Team, the tie will be broken by 1. Head to head results. 2. If there are not head to head results, or if the tie is between unpaired individuals, , the tie will be broken with the flip of a coin.
  8. If there are not 6 teams that have qualified, then the Captain will choose as many players as needed to complete the five-team roster and 2 substitutes (see new substitute rules on the APTA web site.) Any Region VI team may be selected regardless of points. The team may consist of players who do not normally play together.
  9. Order of play will be determined by the Captain, and not necessarily by the order of finish based on accumulated points.

The following APTA rules also apply to President’s Cup qualification.

  • Players must be full APTA members to receive PC points.
  • Players must play all rounds of a tournament (including consolations) to receive points for that tournament.

Awarding of points:

25 pts winner
20 pts finalist
18 pts 3rd
16 pts 4th place
14 pts 5th place
12 pts 6th place
9 pts 7th and 8th place
1 bonus pt for each PCQ event attended
4 bonus pts for each out of region NRT event attended


All PCQ tournaments with at least one top 20 Nationally Ranked team will have points weighted by 120%.

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