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Men's Captain: Drew Broderick -
Women's Captains: Tina Wein - 

Women's President's Cup Individual Standings (2/12/20)

Men's President's Cup Standings (01/15/19)

Region I Men’s President’s Cup Rules & Qualification Guidelines

(Updated 1/28/2019)

To qualify for play in the Presidents Cup competition during the APTA Nationals event, the following set of qualifications must be followed:

  • All players must be current members of the APTA to be eligible for Region I PCQ points prior to the event being played. All APTA rules and requirements pertaining to President Cup competition will apply.

  • Any player from Region I can get points in PCQ tournaments regardless of partner.

  • There will be 8 automatic spots on the Region 1 President's cup team and 5 captain picks.

  • In order to be eligible for an automatic spot you must have played in at least 1 of the Region 1 tournaments. The four tournaments are Atlantic Classic , HSS Westchester Sound Shore, Dwayne Hayden Invitational and the Short Hills Invitational.

  • The 8 automatic then will be based on the highest 8 ranked players based on the APTA men's individual player national rankings after the completion and including results from the Short Hills Invitational.

  • The remaining 5 spots will be captain picks.


Region I Women’s President’s Cup Rules & Qualification Guidelines
(Updated 3/16/17)


  • Teams must play a minimum of two tournaments to qualify for President’s Cup play:

    • Teams must play at least one PCQ in Region 1

    • Teams must play at least one NRT/PCQ in Region 1: Lake Invitational, Long Island Invitational, and/or Short Hills Invitational.

Point System:

  • If a team from outside Region 1 plays in a Region 1 PCQ and/or NRT tournaments, they are not awarded any points.

  • If a player from Region 1 plays with a partner from another region, the Region 1 player will be awarded 85% of the total team points.

  • Players from Region 1 who are ranked nationally within the top 24 are not eligible for President’s Cup play.

  • The best PCQ finish and the best NRT finish will be combined to determine a team’s and/or individual’s final total point total.

Point Values:

  • 1st Place: 25 points
  • 2nd Place: 21 points
  • 3rd/4th Place: 18 points
  • 5th Place: 15.5 points
  • 6th Place: 14 points
  • 7th/8th Place: 12.5 points
  • 9th Place: 12 points
  • 10th Place: 11 points
  • 11th/12th Place: 10 points
  • 13th - 16th Place: 9 points
  • Attendance Bonus: 2 points

Assembling the Team:

  • There are six teams/positions and one sub for a total of 13 players.

  • Playing in Region 1 PCQ tournaments award points to the team as well as to the individual player.

  • The top two qualifying teams will automatically earn a spot on the team.

  • In the event that any of the top 2 teams choose not to play, the next highest ranked team qualifies.

  • Position 3 and 4 will be either a qualifying pair or two of the highest ranked individuals who have not qualified with a partner.

  • Positions 5 and 6 are Captain's picks (a Captain’s pick is not limited by anything other than an individual ranking within the top 24 nationally)

  • The 13th player, or sub, is a Captain's pick (a Captain’s pick is not limited by anything other than an individual ranking within the top 24 nationally)

  • Failing the availability of an eligible team, the position then becomes a Captain's pick (factors to include are points & number of tournaments played in Region 1.)


  • The captainship will rotate every five years between NY and NJ, with the fifth year being a transitional year in which the outgoing captain will co-captain with the incoming captain.  The captain is chosen by the Region 1 President.

  • 2018-2019 Captain: Tina Wein


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