Viking President's Cup - Rules for Region III

Region III News

Men's Captain: Scott Freund -
Women's Captain: Sue Pijawka -

R3 Women's Current Standings as of 1/1/20

Women’s President’s Cup Scoring/Seeding Rules


Must be a regular APTA member in good standing. Must be a resident of Region III.


The top ten point earners, who commit to play, will qualify for the team based on point totals accrued from the best 3 of 4 Region III PCQ tournaments. The team will also include up to 3 Captains’ picks.

Region III tournaments will be weighted based on the relative strength and depth of the draw as determined by the Region III Chairperson. The weighting of the tournaments is determined by the following formula:
After the tournament, count how many top 10 YTD players have competed and Multiply by 2
Count how many of the top 25 YTD players have competed. Add this to the first number.
Scale: 0-10=1.0; 11-16=1.8; 17-24=2.0; 25-35=2.3; 36-45=2.6 

PCQs will be open

If a person plays with someone from outside of the region, they will receive 0 points.
If a team loses to someone from outside the region, the Region III team will be awarded points for reaching the next round.
Full points will be awarded to all finishers regardless of the national ranking of any Region III partner.
No points will be awarded to teams who default (injury related defaults, are the only exception).

Ties will be determined in the following order:

Head to head results.
Number of President’s Cup Qualifying tournaments entered and evaluation of quality of teams beaten.
Flip of a coin.
Once the top ten players are determined, actual partnerships will be selected at the discretion of the qualified players and ultimately the Region III Chairperson or designated captain.
Point Allocation Points per Partner
1st place 25
2nd place 20
3rd or 4th place 16
5th place 12
6th place 10
7th place 8
8th place 6
9th place ( round of 16 consolation winner) 4
10th place ( round of 16 consolation runner-up) 2


All seeds for PCQ tournaments will be determined using the results from the best 3 of each player’s last 4 tournaments played. If an individual has not played tournaments for one year, the Region III Keeper of the Points and/or Chairperson will make a decision as to their seed or placement. Out of region teams will be evaluated and placed based on their projected performance.

Any questions or comments should be directed to Ladies Region 3 P-Cup Captain: Sue Pijawka at

Men’s President’s Cup Scoring/Seeding Rules

Updated December, 2014 by Simon Peppiatt, Men's Region 3 President's Cup Captain  
Downloadable (doc) version

Region 3 Rules

Making the team:
1. Region 3 individuals must play in a minimum of two Region 3 PCQ tournaments to qualify. There are six tournaments to choose from. One must be a northern tournament (PA States, Philly Open or DE States) and one must be a southern tournament (Mid-Atlantic, MD States, Charlottesville)
2. Rankings will be based on the best 3 results.
3. Results from other regions will not count, nor will results with a non-region 3 partner, even if played in region. 4. The top 10 ranked players will be offered a spot on the President’s Cup team. Number 9 & 10 may be subs. 5. If any of the top 10 players cannot play, the next individual in line will be asked to play. If that person cannot play the next person will be asked and so on. This person may be a sub.
6. Two committee picks will fill out the last two spots who may be subs.
7. There is no guarantee that a sub will get to play in the President’s Cup.

Regional PCQ Tournaments:

1. The top 9 seeds will be drawn and placed, with the potential addition of 7 more. The tournament director may finish the rest of the draw keeping in mind “local knowledge”
2. Draws will flip for 1 & 2, flip for 3 & 4 then 4 plays 5 in quarters..flip 6, 7, and 8, finally 9 plays 8 in 16’s..
3. Seedings will be done on a points basis, with committee discretion available for unique circumstances…For the National tournaments..National rankings will be utilized APTA will be seeding the draw..and regional rankings will be secondary. a. For Regional tournaments, players with National Rankings and from outside our region will utilize the National Ranking formula (See Below)
4. A week to week points ranking will be on the APTA website
5. For all other issues the Regional committee or President will make decisions deemed in the best interest of fairness, objectivity, and evening the playing field for all competitors, while still trying to field the best Region III President’s Cup team.

National Ranking Tournaments:
1. Seeding will be done according to APTA rules based on National Ranking points.

Region 3 Men's Committee

Region III President:   Simon Peppiatt
RIII Committee:   Simon Peppiatt, Scott Freund, Scott Falatek, Bruce Redpath and Trevor Spracklin 
RIII Pres Cup Captain:   Scott Freund
Draw Committee:   Scott Freund, Bruce Redpath and Simon Peppiatt (if needed)


Tournament Issues (Day of)

If in any case a draw on the DAY of the event a tournament issues, a group of at least three of the above  draws committee and regional committee may deliberate and make a decision with the tournament Director.

National Ranking Points Formula
(For Seeding Purposes Only)

These points will be added to players in lieu of Regional points.

Example: A TEAM ranked in the top 20 nationally would receive 300 points, and seeded accordingly within the regional seeding of the tournament.

Top 10 Player: 200 Points
Top 20 Player: 150 Points
Top 30 Player: 100 Points
Top 40 Player: 75 Points

Presidents Cup Team Calculations

1. Top 10 plus 2 committee picks
2. 1 Northern (Lehigh/PA States/DE) and 1 Southern tournament (DC/Maryland/DE)
3. 1 National Tournament (Includes DE/Lehigh)
4. Top 3 scores count
5. For the committee picks we will consider top performing players that have come off injury or other circumstance and that have performed well in the past. The committee is encouraged to only pick players that are of Top 10 character and that have contributed to the Region in the past. The committee is also encouraged that if no one stands above others as players then the committee would work down the rankings to the next points achieved. The idea is to send a team of players that have supported Region 3 and will advance the opportunity to win the event.

Weighting of Tournaments

3 Points per player ranked Top 10
1 Point per player ranked 11-35
2.9 Weighting 46+ Points 
2.6 Weighting 35-45 Points
2.3 Weighting 25-34 Points
2.0 Weighting 17-24 Points
1.8 Weighting 0-16 Points
Place   Points 
1st 25
2nd  20
3rd  16
4th  16
5th 12
6th  11
7th  10
8th  10
9th 8
10th 7
11th 6.5
12th 6.5
13th 6
14th 6
15th 6
16th 6
17th  5
18th 4
19th 3
20th 3
21st 2
22nd 2
23rd  2
24th 2
25th 1
26th 0.5


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