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Men's Captain:  Ben McKnight
Women's Captain: Lisa Goldberg -

Men's President's Cup Standings, 1-9-20 (doc), (pdf)

Men’s President’s Cup Scoring/Seeding Rules
Updated January 2, 2018

The Region V Men’s President's Cup team will consist of up to 13 players. Criteria have been determined to field the strongest team available for competition. The rules have been updated to reflect that several players have been changing partners and playing with out of region partners. 

Minimum Selection Criteria:

  1. Have played at least 1 Region V Men's event.

Invitations will be offered to the President’s Cup in the following manner:

  • Top 8 individual 3 tournament average after Hinsdale event   
  • Top 2 individuals 3 tournament average not already invited after Indianapolis event  
  • Last 3 spots and any unaccepted invitations will be captains picks


Women’s President’s Cup Scoring/Seeding Rules

  • To encourage participation in tournaments, team members will be selected, first, on the basis of performance in Region 5 PCQ tournaments and, secondly, on the basis of performance in PCQ tournaments outside of Region 5.
  • Each team must consist of two (2) Region 5 players.
  • To qualify for consideration, a player must compete in a minimum of 3 PCQ tournaments (either in or out of region); one of these events must be a Region 5 Presidents Cup Qualifier event.
  • The top four (4) Region 5  teams with the most points in their best 3  PCQs (including out-of-Region tournaments)   will be automatically on the Region 5 President's Cup Team. The “points” will be calculated the same way they are for National Ranking where tournaments are weighted based on the level of competition.  The fifth team will be a Captain's Choice selection regardless of how many teams have met the requirements for qualification.  Also, if any of the top four (4) Region 5 teams loses a player due to injury or some other serious issue, then the Captain is free to choose another player for that particular team instead of simply dropping the healthy player off the list.
  • In the event that these criteria do not clearly indicate the appropriate players to be selected, or there is a tie, the decision shall be made by the team captain based on overall participation.
  • The Captain will be responsible for team order and points accumulated will not necessarily determine order. For example; A Captain's selection may play anywhere from 1-5.
  • Three players will also be selected by the Captain as Alternates. These alternates will be called upon to fill in for any player or team chosen for the Presidents Cup Team.
  • All other rules regarding President's Cup play are determined by the APTA.

Lisa Goldberg
Region 5 President's Cup Team Captain

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