2019 Board Member, Cam Lanphier (Secretary)

Board Member Cam Lanphier

Cam Lanphier lives in Ross, California, where the West Coast paddle community gathers. Two years ago, she retired from teaching calculus and geometry at the Branson School in Ross. Since then she has traveled and taken on various volunteer roles, including joining the APTA Board. Cam has been Board Secretary for the past two years, has co-chaired the Governance Committee as it has undertaken a comprehensive review of Board procedures, has served on the Nominating Committee, the Strategic Planning Committee and is the Board Liaison for Platform Tennis Magazine.

She is also President of Region VI and has captained the President’s Cup team for the last five years. Outside of the APTA, she serves on the Williams College Vice Chairs Board for the Alumni Fund, the Deans Advisory Board for the University of Michigan School of Education, and the STEM Advisory Board for Miss Porter’s School in Connecticut. Cam and her husband, Edward, spend their summers in Northern Michigan (where they have a paddle court) and enjoy visits from their children and grandchildren. When she isn’t playing paddle, she can be found hiking the trails of Marin and Leelanau counties.

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